ClimbingRenaeCropped Luther Burbank Art & Garden Center with Redwood Empire Rose Society Public Garden

Welcome to the Redwood Empire Rose Society Web Page.

We are a chapter of the American Rose Society in Santa Rosa, California.
We meet on the 3rd Thursday the following months;
February, March 1 PM, April, May, July, September and October at 7:00 pm
May and July at 5:30 pm in the Garden, June and November Potluck at 6 pm.
We hold Pruning Demonstrations in January on the 2nd and 3rd Saturday 9 am to 1 pm.
Meetings are held at the

Luther Burbank Art & Garden Center (LBAGC) at 2050 Yulupa Ave, Santa Rosa CA 95405.

Our membership form is available in the Downloads section.
Facebook group Redwood Empire Rose Society.

We appreciate donations to support our Public Rose Garden Maintenance.
Please send donations to;
Redwood Empire Rose Society
2050 Yulupa Ave
Santa Rosa, CA 95405.
We will send a tax deduction letter for your records. Thank you.



May 19 at 7 PM!!

Fragrance in Roses Fragrance is connected to memories and an integral part of our childhoods. Experience the range of scents that a garden can offer while learning what new breeding is giving us Fragrant Roses once more.

Presented by Judy Eitzen, a noted expert on Old Garden Roses. Judy is a the editor of Cemetery Rose and The Epitaph, newsletters for the Historic Rose Garden & the Cemetery that hosts the rose garden in Sacramento.Free Programs


IN person meetings have resumed. AS A PRECAUTION we ask all to be vaccinated and have a vaccine card we can check at door. We are following COVID 19 pandemic guidelines for gatherings. 

WE will HOLD ZOOM MEETINGS as necessary, on the some normal meeting nights.

                                                                      Stay Safe and Well!
2022 PROGRAMS see Events Page

Next Month Program

Thursday June 16  5:30 – set up potluck, 6:30 Dinner and Awards



2022 Officers

President – Barbara Ellis
Vice President – Sheila Sabbag
Secretary – Karen Ernsberger
Treasurer – Ruth Browning

Consulting Rosarians

Our consulting rosarians (CR) would be more than happy to help you with rose care questions. A CR’s job is teaching, writing or talking about roses to everyone.

Barbara Ellis  Master Rosarian          707-486-3119

Karen Ernsberger  Master Rosarian  707-344-2011

Cheryl Frechette  Master Rosarian.   707-395-0654

Marcia Nelson   Master Rosarian       530-867-2749

Emeritus CR; Mary Brown

The purpose of the Redwood Empire Rose Society is to promote the culture, interest, and appreciation of roses – to encourage the introduction, development, and uses of all kinds of roses – to gather and publish information in regard to kind, propagation and nomenclature of roses and to issue bulletins and/or other publications deemed advisable by the Executive Board.